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Account Types

Number of Instructor Accounts
Instructors can create lessons, build, and manage classes and courses for students.
Number of Student Accounts
Each account type includes a number of active student accounts. An active student account is one in which the student logs in during a billing period.

If you exceed the number of allotted student accounts in a payment period, AccuSkills will automatically add a block of 100 student accounts for $2/account/month.
Set-Up Affiliate Accounts
An "Affiliate Account" is a simple, free AccuSkills account that enables your parent organization to distribute your training lessons to franchises, schools, or customers.

Each affiliate can use your lessons to build and administer their own training programs at a local level. You can invite an unlimited number of affiliates, helping you distribute ready-made training programs to thousands of organizations, chapters, or regions.

Content Tools

Create Unlimited Lessons
The interchangeable, sharable, self-contained multimedia lesson is about to unify your curriculum.

No matter what you’re teaching, AccuSkills’ dynamic modular lessons enhance your students’ passion for learning. With intuitive authoring tools, learning lessons can be both beautiful and incredibly functional.

Add videos and PowerPoint presentations, slide shows and graphics, test questions and interactive projects to help inspire and motivate your students to learn.
Interactive Projects and Exercises
Create engaging online projects that can be integrated into any lesson, class, or course. Assign projects to your students and track performance outcomes through the powerful Project Manager.
Video Encoding and Hosting
AccuSkills encodes and hosts your videos completely free. Video editing tools let you trim your videos, add chapter markers, and even automatically extract a preview.
Sell Lessons on the Marketplace
Share your knowledge with others - and profit. Welcome to the next generation of content publishing where you are in control. Set your own price and enjoy royalties anytime other instructors use your lessons in their classes and courses.
Buy from the Lesson Marketplace
The Lesson Marketplace is an open online resource built directly into your Lesson Library. Simply search for a subject, company, school, author, or keyword and discover exciting, vibrant content to stimulate your students’ hearts and minds.
Share Lessons with other Institutions
Share your lessons with select companies and schools. Transfer lessons between departments to synchronize your curriculum, sell your lessons to a client at a negotiated rate, or link your lessons between departments and campuses.
Create Lesson Bundles
Bundle related lessons together and sell them together for a fixed price and duration, or on a subscription basis.
File Manager
The all-in-one tool to upload, manage, share, and assign your files to lessons, classes, and courses.AccuSkills helps you manage, share, and coordinate your files - from syllibi to worksheets. Batch upload files, assign them to lessons, classes, and courses, share with other instructors, and set permissions all in one powerful, centralized content library.

Online Courses

Build Online Courses
AccuSkills Courses expand what’s possible in the classroom to students around the world. Create immersive online courses for distance learning, and provide learning solutions for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Student can learn on their own time with as much - or as little - instructor interaction as you want.
Create Course Certifications
Add certifications to your courses. Simply set the requirements, then sit back as AccuSkills auto-generates customizable certificates, alerts students, and even tracks certifications in your own Certification Database.
Offer Free Courses
Expand your options by offering your content for free to students.

In-Person Classes

Build In-Person Classes
AccuSkills Classes is your partner for live, in-person training. Capture your students’ attention with selected content lessons and flexible classroom management tools to create unique learning opportunities for each and every student. Designed for live training from class lectures to weekend seminars, AccuSkills Classes unify you and your students for an enhanced learning experience.
Attendance Manager
Track student attendance for in-person classes, and apply an optional grade for attendance.
Group Testing Manager
The powerful Test Manager extracts test questions written for each lesson so you can assess your students' understanding of the material.

The fully-featured Test manager lets you configure the test type, testing environment, and the overall experience.
Integrated Calender
Synchronize your classroom activities, due dates, tests, projects, and group exercises using AccuSkills Calendar. Each class has it's own, allowing you and your students to add, edit, and coordinate events.
Class Seat Limits and Waiting Lists
Are you teaching a class with limited space? AccuSkills will help you limit and manage your student roster with automated seat limits, waiting lists, and notifications when a new seat opens.
Private Classes and Courses
Protect your classes and courses by assigning them to a password. Keep your customers' content separate from your own internal training by controlling which classes and courses your students can access.
Transfer Instructor
Seamlessly transfer existing classes and courses from one instructor to another.

Training Tools

Bulk E-Mail Manager
Integrated e-mail tools help you stay in contact with your students quickly and easily.
Student Account Manager
It’s never been easier to get your students started. Simplified tools help you quickly create student accounts, assign students into groups, and auto-enroll them so they can begin learning with one click. E-mail students, transfer students between classes and courses, and disable student accounts all with a few clicks.
Advanced Certification Tool
Create certification programs to reward student achievements for virtually anything. Choose from customizable certificate templates, set certification requirements, and track outcomes in the Certification Database. Set expiration dates, and even prevent fraud with serialized certificates.

Revenue Management

Integrated Credit Card Processor
Built-in credit card processing lets you set your own prices for student-pay classes and courses, collect credit card payments, and enjoy deposits directly into your bank account.

AccuSkills makes is easy with no monthly merchant processor fees, no set-up fees, and only the standard per-transaction fee.
Unlimited Royalties on Lessons Sold
Sell your lessons to educations in other companies and schools. You set your price and earn 100% of the royalties.
Accounting Manager
Money management isn’t just for accountants. Now you can easily monitor how much you’ve earned from every lesson, class, and course both in your institution and from the sale of your lessons to other schools and companies. Integrated revenue management tools let you control income, sales data, and royalty payments.
Sales Data and Analytics
Track and manage revenue from the sale of your lessons, classes, and courses.

Branding and White Label

Front End Branding
Dynamic tools let you build your own fully-branded online academy with customizable landing, about us, course listing pages, and course detail pages.

The no-coding-required, simple interface means you can customize AccuSkills with your own logos and colors for a brand-immersive experience, and be up and running in minutes.
Custom Landing Pages
Powerful tools let you customize your landing page, about us page, and course listing page to attract new students and increase sales.
Site Manager
The complete toolbox for customizing the look and feel of your AccuSkills account. For enterprise tiers, control which instructors have access to the Site Manager.
URL Mapping
Fully map AccuSkills’ advanced learning system onto your own website for seamless integration and consistency with your brand.

Create custom pages, configure the top menu for each user type, customize the footer, edit system-wide fonts, and even replace all system-wide images with your own.

While your users will see your branding and URL, their learning experience will still be powered by AccuSkills.
Sitewide Branding
The no-coding required, fun-to-use tool lets you update the images, fonts, colors, headers, landing pages, instructor, and student home pages of your AccuSkills account. Fully brand AccuSkills as your own. When your URL map AccuSkills to your own website, you can match the look and feel of AccuSkills to your site's brand.

Onboarding and Support

SSL Certificate
When you URL map your AccuSkills account, we will provide and install an SSL certificate on our servers.
Intelligent Help Desk
AccuSkills’ innovative help system automatically routes student help tickets to the right person, allows ticket transfers, discussion with users, and “login as” tools to help trouble shoot problems. No need to use a third-part help desk - with AccuSkills, it’s all built in.
E-Mail Support Response Time
Reach our support staff any time for e-mail technical support.
24 hours
24 hours
12 hours
12 hours
1 hour
Phone support